Handmade knitwear is my greatest love and it grown into the creation of Elfin House.

It all began when my grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 5 years old and I didn’t stop yet.
I was knitting a lot in my spare time first for my family and me, then for my friends.
Meantime I’ve graduated telecom engineering at Technical University in Sofia and was working as an engineer in some industry companies, but I’ve always needed to be creative and to work with my hands and fantasy.
In the mid 90’s I bought an old knitting machine and started a long investigation in yarn workshops.
The atelier in my home was full of richly textured yarns in a magic color palette. My deepest wish was to awake the time, when clothes were handmade – with the love and care of our grandmothers.
With a passion for knitting and the constant support of my husband, my family and friends, I’ve started developing my own label.

Elfin House was launched in 2002, inspired by the birth of my daughter Bojidara.
Having my little princess in mind and using my imagination I created my “first” full collection for babies and kids – soft and fancy handmade garments.
The first success with girls’ clothes enabled me to continue and in 2003 I made the next step in my new career – lady knitwear collection.

Every model is designed by me, inspired by the look and feel of vintage items from 20’s to 70’s. I think if clothes make me really happy when I’m creating them and if I really love them, someone else will love them too… I always wanted to offer people something special that would make them smile throughout the day.
The shapes and patterns are classic and timeless, in harmony with the styling nowadays.

We would love to welcome you to Elfin House and to share together the forgotten elegance of hand made knitwear.

Ralitsa Misheva
General Manager


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